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Scotia Communications win global Mobile Phone contract.

Scotia Communications awarded contract to supply cellular solutions to the world's leading switching power supply manufacturer and a major supplier of video displays & electronic components for computer, telecommunication, networking and other industries.

With operations in America, China, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand and the UK, cellular communications were critical to theorganisation and thorough research was carried out, to ensure that the solution provided, would guarantee efficient communication throughout the company’s worldwide operations.

Scotia Communications “Smarter Cellular Connections” will ensure that they will always be at the forefront of all new and emerging mobile technologies and maintain a competitive edge at all times.

Scotia Communications to implement multi-site Voice, Data and Networking contact.

Scotland’s Premier Design Company award contract to Scotia Communications, to provide them with complete Voice, Data and Networking capability to it’s 6 UK sites.

Phase one of the solution will incorporate Data and Internet only, to support key applications. Phase two, will incorporate Quality of Service, throughout the network, to enable one network for Voice and Data, which will operate through a Central IP Switch and Cisco Router.

Scotia Communications accredited by 3.

Scotia Communications is accredited by 3 as Resellers and Stockists and now boast the ability to independently offer all 5 major UK networks as part of their 'Scotia Connect - Cellular' solution portfolio.

Created as a pure 3G service, 3 brings together video calling, video clips, location based services, content browsing and interactive gaming. Scotia's relationships are direct with the network providers not via independent Service Providers and as such they offer a completely unbiased approach across the entire business portfolio with all of the major UK networks and will meet all of their clients' mobile communication requirements without restriction.

Scotia Communications wins contract from one of the largest commercial ship-owners and transportation operators in the UK.

Scotia Communications saw off at least two rival bids from its competitors to secure the account. The company in question employs more than 60,000 people in over 100 countries and its activities include exploration for and production of oil and gas, shipbuilding, aviation, industry, supermarkets and IT services.

Scotia Communications awarded contract by the largest independent road transport company in the UK.

The contract will include the provision of inbound and outbound telephony services and mobile communication solutions. The company in question operate more than 220 commercial vehicles from 5 sites in the UK and employs more than 360 staff. They operate throughout the UK and Europe serving a variety of businesses and the communications are seen to be of paramount importance to the running of the business.

Scotia Communications accredited by T-Mobile and Orange.

Scotia Communications Ltd endorsed by T-Mobile and Orange as Resellers and Stockists. Their relationships are direct with the network providers not via independent Service Providers and as such they can now offer a completely unbiased approach across the entire business portfolio from all four major UK networks and meet all of their clients’ mobile communication requirements; this is without restriction.

Scotia Communications awarded exclusive Dealership by Uniworld.

In addition to it’s relationships with Thus and BT, Scotia Communications Ltd also engage directly with a host of other quality ‘Tier 1’ carriers’ to the benefit of their clients and uniquely utilise multiple tier 1 carriers for your call traffic resulting in some of the best tariffs and services currently available; anywhere in the UK market. One of these companies is Uniworld, an independent solutions company offering outstanding services and highly cost effective solutions from the leading Telco’s and Service Providers in the world.

Scotia Communications endorsed with BT Channel Partner status.

Through the BT Channel Partner programme Scotia Communications are now one of only three Value Added Resellers for BT in Scotland and have the capability to offer the complete product portfolio. As the UK’s leading solutions provider, BT have established a sound reputation over many years. They have also worked hard to build a strong brand that is now instantly recognised Worldwide.

Scotia Communications become Member of Council for the Scottish Council for Development and Industry.

The Scottish Council for Development and Industry is an independent membership network which strengthens Scotland's competitiveness by influencing Government policies to encourage sustainable economic prosperity. As a membership organisation, SCDI aims to encourage the participation of members in its varied programmes. Scotia Communications Ltd see this as an important part of its development as an organisation.

Scotia Communications awarded Dealership by Thus and Demon.

Scotia Communications Ltd in Partnership with THUS now provide communication solutions to business customers throughout the UK under the THUS and Demon brands. THUS delivers both standard and bespoke solutions to address customers' existing business needs and works hand in hand with customers through their ‘Dealer Channel’ to develop new business opportunities. Scotia Communications Ltd is a significant Scottish ‘Thus Dealer’ with strategic partners throughout the UK and together we deliver best of breed solutions to all businesses.

Scotia Communications awarded accreditation by O2 and Vodafone.

Scotia Communications Ltd is accredited by O2 and Vodafone as Resellers and Stockists. Our relationships are direct with the network providers not via independent Service Providers and as such they now offer a completely unbiased approach when meeting all of their clients O2 and Vodafone mobile communication requirements.



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