A digital cellular system operating in the 1800MHz band. Another name for PCN or GSM1800 networks.

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication. Digital standard for cordless phones. Using 120 channels over 10 frequencies, these cordless phones offer speech quality which is vastly superior to that offered by traditional (CT0) analogue cordless phones.

Desktop charger
Cradle for holding a phone upright while it is charging.

A method of decoding information for transmission. Information, or in this case, a voice conversation is turned into a series of digital bits - the 0s and 1s of computer binary language. At the receiving end, the information is reconverted. One of the main advantages of digital cellphones is that they allow several cellphones in the same area to use the same frequency simultaneously.

Facility for sending multi-frequency tones across the network from a phone. Each number, when pressed, transmits its own individual sound. Necessary for accessing some network features (such as voicemail) or for some information services.
Discontinuous transmission. Battery-saving feature on some phones. When switched on, it conserves power by turning off transmission during pauses in speech. However, it impairs sound quality.

Phones that can switch between two different bands of frequencies. All new phones in the UK are now dual-band, capable of switching between GSM1800 and GSM900 frequencies. Useful for travellers (particularly those on One 2 One and Orange), allowing roaming on a greater number of networks across the world. Vodafone and BT Cellnet also utilise dual-band capabilities in the UK by using 1800MHz bandwidth to solve capacity problems on their 900MHz networks. Phones that can switch between GSM900 and GSM1900 operation, for use by travellers to America (the Bosch World 718, Ericsson I888 and Ericsson T28 World), are also now available.

Phone that can operate using two different standards. Dual-mode digital/analogue cellphones are currently available in the USA. Dual-mode GSM/DECT handsets, that can switch between cordless and cellphone communication, have been introduced by BT Cellnet and Sagem.


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