Private Automatic Branch Exchange. Automated multi-extension exchanges or switchboards as used nowadays by most offices.

Highest-usage period of the business day when a cellular system carries the most calling traffic.

Term used for no-contract, no rental charge services where you buy credit ‘vouchers’ in advance for calls. Each network has its own pre-pay service.

Private Branch Exchange. Multi-line switchboard exchange, as used in many offices.

PC card
Small accessory that allows you to connect a suitable digital mobile phone with a portable computer. Primarily designed for sending and receiving faxes and digital files (such as email).

An older term for the PC card.

Personal Communications Network. Another term for a GSM1800 network – such as Orange or One 2 One.

Personal Communications System operating in the 1900MHz band. Another name for GSM1900.

Personal Digital Assistant. A top-of-the-range personal organiser which allows you to store information and to use simple computer programs – as made by companies such as Psion. Also known as a palmtop computer. The Nokia 9110 Communicator is a PDA with a built-in mobile phone.

Private Mobile Radio. Type of mobile and walkie-talkie equipment commonly used by taxi firms, security guards, and utility companies. The advantage over cellphones is that once the equipment is paid for, and a licence is bought, there are no call costs.

A one-piece, self-contained cellular telephone. The newest portable model phones are so small - weighing as little as 3.1 ounces - that they can be folded up and carried in a suit pocket or purse. Portables normally have built-in antennas and a rechargeable battery. See also Mobile and Transportable.

Public Switched Telephone Network. Technical term to describe the fixed, wired phone system – as operated by British Telecom.


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