Radio that is capable of scanning hundreds of frequencies. Used by enthusiasts to monitor PMR, emergency service, analogue cellular, and air traffic control transmissions. The essential device for the criminal who wants to clone analogue cellphones.

Common feature on cellphones that allows you to store a number in a temporary memory on the handset while you are having a conversation.

Service Plan
A rate plan selected by subscribers when they start up cellular service, usually consisting of a base rate for system access and a per-minute rate for usage. Service plans are designed to provide the most cost-effective rates for different types and amounts of usage by the cellular subscriber.

Subscriber Identity Module. The smart card used in digital phones. It carries the user’s identity for accessing the network and receiving calls and also stores personal information, such as a phone directory and received SMS messages. Mini-SIMs are the size of a postage stamp.

Short Message Service. Two-way text messaging service is offered on all four digital networks. Messages of up to 160 characters can be sent at low cost. Some older handsets only allow incoming messages (mobile-terminated SMS – or SMS-MT); all new phones also allow you to write and send text from your handset (mobile-originated SMS, or SMS-MO). Can be sent between phones on any network.


Button on a mobile which changes function depending on what you are doing with the phone. Its current function highlighted using a keyword immediately above the button on the phone’s LCD screen, helps greatly in simplifying the use of cellphones.

Small office – Home office. Category of products or services designed to appeal to those working from home. These people are also known as teleworkers.

Standby time
The number of hours that a freshly-charged battery will keep a mobile running without making or receiving a call. When it is switched on, power is used continuously by the phone to keep it in contact with the local cell site, so that the network knows where you are, should you receive a call.

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